Acceleration, Ionization, and Transport of Multiply Charged Anomalous Cosmic Rays: Interpretation of SAMPEX Observations
A.F. Barghouty1, J.R. Jokipii2, and R.A. Mewaldt1

1 California Institute of Technology
2 University of Arizona

Observations by SAMPEX have shown that the ionic charge state composition of anomalous cosmic rays (ACRs) is more complex than was previously realized. At energies <25 MeV/nucleon observed ACR N, O, and Ne are predominantly singly-charged, but at higher energies they are predominantly multiply charged. These observations place constraints on models for the acceleration of ACRs at the termination shock as well as their transport to 1 AU. We present new simulations of the acceleration, ionization, and transport of ACR elements He through Ar, taking advantage of new, theoretically-derived ionization cross sections. Comparisons to SAMPEX measurements and implications for models of ACR acceleration and transport will be presented.