ACE2000 Poster Papers

# First Author Title
S1 G.M. Mason Seed Population for 3He Enhancements in Large Solar Energetic Particle Events
S2 M.E. Wiedenbeck Measurements of 3He in Large Solar Energetic Particle Events
S3 G.C. Ho Heavy Ions and Energetic Electrons in 3He Enhanced SEPs
S4 P.L. Slocum Measurements of Heavy Elements in 3He-Rich SEP Events
S5 S.E. Hawkins III A Survey of ~38-315 keV Electron Events with Beam-Like Anisotropies
S6 E.C. Roelof Are Solar Energetic Electron Injection Times Non-Simultaneous in the Corona?
S7 T. von Rosenvinge Time Variations of Solar Energetic Particle Abundances Observed by the ACE Spacecraft
S8 P.R. Boberg Compositional Variations of Solar Energetic Particle Events
S9 A.B. Galvin Abundance Variations in Gradual Solar Energetic Particle Events and the FIP Effect
S10 R.A. Mewaldt The FIP-Factor in Solar Energetic Particles: Variations from Event to Event
S11 E. Moebius Survey of Ionic Charge States of Solar Energetic Particle Events During the First Year of ACE
S12 B. Klecker Comparison of Ionic Charge States of Energetic Particles with Solar Wind Charge States in CME Related Events
S13 M.A. Popecki Simultaneous High Fe Charge State Measurements by Solar Energetic Particle and Solar Wind Instruments
S14 A.T. Bogdanov Energy Dependence of Ion Charge States in CME Related Solar Energetic Particle Events Observed with ACE/SEPICA and SOHO/STOF
S15 G.H. Share Measurement of Accelerated Particles at the Sun
S16 D.J. Morris CGRO observations of gamma-ray flares associated with ACE particle events
S17 R.P. Lin The High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (HESSI) Small Explorer mission for the next (2000) solar maximum
S18 J.M. Ryan Milagro as a Solar Energetic Particle Observatory
S19 G.P. Zank Particle Acceleration at Coronal Mass Ejection Driven Shocks
S20 M.A. Lee A Simple Model for Ion Acceleration and Transport at an Evolving Coronal/Interplanetary Shock
S21 R.B. Decker Solar Energetic Particle Propagation in 1997-99: Observations from ACE, Ulysses, and Voyagers 1 and 2
S22 C.K. Ng The Case for SEP-driven Alfvén Wave Growth
S23 A.J. Tylka Spectral Characteristics of Gradual Solar Energetic Particle Events
S24 J.E. Mazur Energy Spectra of 3He, 4He, and Heavy Ions in Impulsive Solar Energetic Particle Events
S25 L.I. Dorman Propagation of inclined solar neutrons: scattering, energy decrease, attenuation and refraction effect
S26 L.I. Dorman The forecast by on line neutron monitor data of great solar energetic particle events dangerous for satellite electronics and people health in spacecrafts and aeroplanes
S27 I. Roth Energization of Rare Solar Particles and Formation of Radionuclides in the Early Solar Nebula
# First Author Title
A1 L.J. Lanzerotti Low Energy Anomalous Cosmic Rays in the Ecliptic Plane: 1-5 AU
A2 C.G. Maclennan Charged particle radial gradients in the inner heliosphere (1-5 AU) during the rise to maximum of solar cycle 23
A3 E.R. Christian Time Variations of the Modulation of Anomalous and Galactic Cosmic Rays
A4 A.F. Barghouty Acceleration, Ionization, and Transport of Multiply Charged Anomalous Cosmic Rays: Interpretation of SAMPEX Observations
A5 J.A. le Roux A Self-consistent, Unified Approach to the Reflection and Acceleration of Pickup Ions at the Solar Wind Termination shock and Upstream Modulation of Anomalous Cosmic Rays
A6 J.A. le Roux An Evaluation of Perpendicular Diffusion Models Regarding Cosmic Ray Modulation Based on a MHD Description for Solar Wind Turbulence
A7 B. Heber Evolution of cosmic ray fluxes during the rising phase of solar cycle 23: ULYSSES EPAC observations
A8 A.C. Cummings The Onset of Solar Modulation of Anomalous Cosmic-Rays in the Outer Heliosphere
A9 F.B. McDonald The Onset of Cosmic Ray Modulation (Cycle 23) at 1 AU Coupled with a Transient Low Energy Cosmic Ray Increase in the Outer Heliosphere
A10 H.V. Cane Modulation of Galactic Cosmic Rays and Changes in the Solar Magnetic Field
A11 S.M. Krimigis Observations of Pick-up Ions in the Outer Heliosphere by Voyagers 1 and 2
# First Author Title
G1 A. Lukasiak Voyager-1 Energy Spectra at Very Low Modulation Level for Cosmic-Ray Nuclei - C, N, O, Ne, Mg, Si and Fe and Deduced Local Interstellar Spectra
G2 G.A. de Nolfo A Measurement of Cosmic Ray Deuterium from 0.5-3.2 GeV/nucleon
G3 A. Soutoul Galactic source distribution of heavy cosmic rays and the energy dependent overabundance of 22Ne
G4 W.R. Binns Implications of the Galactic Cosmic Ray Neon Isotopic Abundances Measured by the Cosmic Ray Isotope Spectrometer (CRIS) on ACE
G5 N.E. Yanasak Abundances of the Cosmic Ray Beta-decay Secondaries and Implications for Cosmic Ray Transport
G6 S.H. Sposato Co/Ni Element Ratio in the Galactic Cosmic Rays between 0.8 and 4.3 GeV/nucleon
G7 W.R. Webber Reacceleration in a Monte Carlo Diffusion Model for Galactic Cosmic Rays
G8 A.J. Davis A New Interpretation of the Low-Energy Decrease in Galactic Cosmic Ray Secondary to Primary Ratios
G9 J.F. Ormes What Can GLAST Say about the Origin of Galactic Cosmic Rays?
G10 S. Digel What Can GLAST Say about the Origin of Cosmic Rays in Other Galaxies?
# First Author Title
I1 D.K. Haggerty Two Distinct Plasma and Energetic Ion Distributions within the June 1998 Magnetic Cloud
I2 J.R. Dwyer Ion Composition and Spectra in Corotating Interaction Regions Observed by ACE/ULEIS
I3 M.I. Desai Energy Spectra and Composition of >30 keV/nucleon Ions at Interplanetary Shocks Observed at ACE and WIND
I4 M.I. Desai Characteristics of Energetic Ions Observed by the WIND/STEP Instrument Upstream of the Earth's Bow Shock
I5 D.J. Thomson Frequency modes in the interplanetary medium: Evidence for a non-random interplanetary medium and a solar source
I6 K. Meziane Acceleration of Energetic Ions at the Earth's Perpendicular Shock: 3D Observations
I7 D. Summers Power-law Particle Distributions Generated by Whistler-Mode Turbulence
I8 M. Forman Perpendicular diffusion of energetic particles in axi-symmetric magnetic turbulence
I9 P.C. Liewer Hybrid simulations of wave propagation and ion heating in the solar wind using a 1D expanding box model
I10 J. Giacalone Small-Scale Gradients and Large-Scale Diffusion of Charged Particles in the Heliospheric Magnetic Field
I11 B. Tsurutani Energetic Particle Cross-Field Diffusion: Interaction with Magnetic Decreases (MDs)

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