Detailed Program

Indian Wells, CA
Wednesday, January 5

8:30 Welcome/Logistics  
8:45 Energetic Particle Acceleration on the Sun, in the Heliosphere, and in the Galaxy M.A. Lee
9:40 Particle and Photon Signatures from Solar Flares E.W. Cliver
10:10 Break  
10:30 Energetic Electrons Accelerated in Solar Particle Events R.P. Lin
11:00 The Effects of Interplanetary Magnetic Field Line Mixing On Measurements of the Energy Spectra of Energetic Particles from Impulsive Solar Flares J.E. Mazur
11:30 Wind Observations of Energetic Solar Proton Events Down to keV Energies S. Krucker et al.
11:45 Detection of the 6 November 1997 Event with the Milagro Prototype A. Falcone et al.
12:00 Lunch  
1:00 Gamma Ray Evidence for Time Dependent Heavy Ion Enhancement on Flare Particle Acceleration Time Scale R. Ramaty et al.
1:15 Particle Acceleration in the 6 November 1997 Event as viewed from Gamma Rays and Solar Energetic Particles M. Yoshimori
1:30 The Isotopic Composition of Solar Energetic Particles C.M.S. Cohen et al.
2:00 Ionic Charge State Measurements in Solar Energetic Particle Events M. Popecki
2:30 Simulation of Charge State Equilibration and Acceleration of Solar Energetic Ions A.F. Barghouty
3:00 Break  
3:20 Observational Consequences of Proton-Generated Waves at Shocks D.V. Reames
3:50 Particle Acceleration in Impulsive Solar Flares J.A. Miller
4:20 Direct Acceleration at Sites of Magnetic Reconnection Y.E. Litvenenko
4:50 Coronal Origin of Particle Events Detected by EPAM: Multi-Instrument Observations D. Maia et al.
5:05 Wave Particle Interactions for 3He-Rich Events and Large Solar Particle Events: ISEE-3 B.T. Tsurutani et al.

Indian Wells, CA
Thursday, January 6

8:30 Observations of Anomalous Cosmic Rays at 1 AU R.A. Leske et al.
9:00 The Morphology of Anomalous Cosmic Rays in the Outer Heliosphere C.D. Steenberg
9:30 Survey of Poster Papers on Solar Particle Events I. Roth, A. Tylka, & G. Share
10:00 Break  
10:30 Imaging the Global Distribution of Anomalous Cosmic Rays K.C. Hsieh et al.
11:00 Energetic Particles Beyond the Heliospheric Shock: Anomalous Cosmic Rays, Pickup Ions, and associated Energetic Neutral Atoms H. Fichtner et al.
11:15 Anomalous Cosmic Ray Injection, Acceleration and Transport G.P. Zank et al.
11:45 Picture  
12:00 Lunch  
1:00 Heliospheric Acceleration, Transport, and Fractionation of Anomalous Cosmic Rays J.R. Jokipii
1:30 The Relative Recovery of Galactic and Anomalous Cosmic Rays at 1 AU: Further Evidence for Modulation in the Heliosheath F.B. McDonald
1:45 Charge-Sign Dependent Recurrent Modulation of Galactic Cosmic Ray Electrons and Protons: Implications from Ulysses B. Heber et al.
2:00 Constraints on Cosmic-Ray Acceleration and Transport from Isotope Observations M. Wiedenbeck et al.
2:30 Secondary Electron-Capture Decay Isotopes and Implications for the Propagation of Galactic Cosmic Rays S.M. Niebur et al.
2:45 Survey of Posters on Anomalous Cosmic Rays and Cosmic Ray Modulation B. Klecker
3:00 Break  
3:30 The Composition and Energy Spectra of High Energy Cosmic Rays S.P. Swordy
4:00 Shock Heating and Nonlinear Cosmic Ray Production in Young Supernova Remnants D. Ellison
4:30 Cosmic Ray Acceleration in Super Bubbles and the Composition of Cosmic Rays R. Lingenfelter et al.
5:00 Cosmic Ray Path Length Distribution from Super Bubble/ Giant HII Regions J.C. Higdon et al.
5:30 Wine and Cheese Poster Session  

Indian Wells, CA
Friday, January 7

8:30 Cosmic Ray Source Abundances and the Acceleration of Cosmic Rays J.S. George et al.
8:45 The Propagation of Cosmic Rays Slightly Heavier than Iron C.J. Waddington
9:00 Cosmic Ray Transport in the Galaxy V. Ptuskin
9:30 The Diffusion of Cosmic Rays ion the Galaxy - A Monte Carlo Approach W.R. Webber
10:00 Survey of Posters on Galactic Cosmic Rays M.H. Israel
10:15 Break  
10:45 Particle and Field Aspects of Collisionless Shocks J.T. Gosling
11:15 Solar Wind Minor Ions: Departures from Thermal Conditions T.H. Zurbuchen
11:45 Isotope Fractionation of Solar Wind Particles P. Bochsler et al.
12:00 Lunch  
1:00 Sources, Injection, and Acceleration of Heliospheric Ion Populations G. Gloeckler
1:30 Composition and Energy Spectra of Ions Accelerated in Co-rotating Interaction Regions G.M. Mason
2:00 High Latitude Observations of Co-rotating Interaction Regions E.C. Roelof
2:30 Statistical Acceleration of Suprathermal Particles in the Solar Wind L.A. Fisk
3:00 Survey of Interplanetary Acceleration Posters M. Forman
3:15 Break  
3:45 Injection and Acceleration of Thermal Ions at Collisionless Shocks: Results of Kinematic Simulations M. Scholer
4:15 Particle Transport, Composition, and Acceleration Shocks in the Inner Heliosphere J. Giacalone
4:45 Wind Observations of Upstream MeV Ion Bursts T.J. Freeman
5:00 Is There a Record of Interstellar Pick-up Ions in the Lunar Regolith? R.F. Wimmer
-Schweingruber et al.
6:30 Banquet  

Indian Wells, CA
Saturday, January 8

8:30 ACE-2000 Publication Plans R.A. Mewaldt
8:40 SOHO/ACE Workshop in March 2001 P. Bochsler
8:50 Solar Energetic Particle Discussion Session Led by I. Roth,
G. Share & A. Tylka
9:30 Anomalous Cosmic Ray and Solar Modulation Discussion Led by H. Fichtner,
B. Klecker & F. McDonald
10:10 Break  
10:30 Galactic Cosmic Ray Discussion Session Led by B. Heber,
M. Israel & F. Jones
11:10 Interplanetary Acceleration Discussion Led by M. Forman,
T. Krimigis & P. Wenzel
11:50 Adjourn  

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