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[DIR] Parent Directory - [IMG] that silly governmen..> 28-Sep-2004 15:15 655K [IMG] WHERE.JPG 28-Sep-2004 15:15 595K [IMG] Sunday off Trip to R..> 28-Sep-2004 15:14 605K [IMG] Picture 079.jpg 28-Sep-2004 15:10 596K [IMG] Picture 078.jpg 28-Sep-2004 15:10 617K [IMG] Picture 077.jpg 28-Sep-2004 15:09 605K [IMG] Picture 076.jpg 28-Sep-2004 15:09 646K [IMG] Picture 075.jpg 28-Sep-2004 15:09 622K [IMG] Picture 071.jpg 28-Sep-2004 15:09 626K [IMG] Picture 070.jpg 28-Sep-2004 15:08 626K [IMG] Picture 069.jpg 28-Sep-2004 15:08 590K [IMG] Picture 068.jpg 28-Sep-2004 15:08 654K [IMG] Picture 067.jpg 28-Sep-2004 15:07 733K [IMG] Picture 066.jpg 28-Sep-2004 15:07 726K [IMG] Picture 065.jpg 28-Sep-2004 15:07 657K [IMG] Picture 064.jpg 28-Sep-2004 15:06 659K [IMG] Picture 063.jpg 28-Sep-2004 15:06 634K [IMG] Picture 062.jpg 28-Sep-2004 15:06 696K [IMG] Picture 061.jpg 28-Sep-2004 15:06 667K [IMG] Picture 060.jpg 28-Sep-2004 15:05 634K [IMG] Picture 059.jpg 28-Sep-2004 15:05 684K [IMG] Now I get it.JPG 28-Sep-2004 15:14 539K [IMG] Me and Shoe.JPG 28-Sep-2004 15:11 649K [IMG] I think they did som..> 28-Sep-2004 15:10 667K [IMG] ITS REAL!!!.JPG 28-Sep-2004 15:11 640K [IMG] Crop Formations.JPG 28-Sep-2004 14:57 665K [IMG] BLAH BLAH ALIENS BLA..> 28-Sep-2004 14:56 723K [IMG] BLAH ALIENS BLAH BLA..> 28-Sep-2004 14:56 730K [IMG] Alien Museum 2.JPG 28-Sep-2004 14:56 652K [IMG] Alien Museum 1.JPG 28-Sep-2004 14:55 653K
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