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[DIR] Parent Directory - [IMG] looking into the det..> 03-Sep-2004 14:08 663K [IMG] looking into the det..> 28-Sep-2004 14:39 663K [IMG] Truck for Launching ..> 31-Aug-2004 17:46 679K [IMG] Spiffy!.JPG 28-Sep-2004 14:51 663K [IMG] Powe Box (HELL).JPG 28-Sep-2004 14:55 716K [IMG] Outside 4.JPG 03-Sep-2004 14:16 717K [IMG] Mounted Flange.JPG 31-Aug-2004 17:45 595K [IMG] Module C 3.JPG 03-Sep-2004 14:09 588K [IMG] Module C 2.JPG 03-Sep-2004 14:09 620K [IMG] Module C 1 .JPG 03-Sep-2004 14:08 563K [IMG] Module B 5.JPG 28-Sep-2004 15:24 555K [IMG] Module B 4.JPG 28-Sep-2004 15:24 567K [IMG] Module B 3.JPG 28-Sep-2004 15:23 544K [IMG] Module B 2.JPG 28-Sep-2004 15:23 509K [IMG] Module B 1.JPG 28-Sep-2004 15:23 708K [IMG] Inside the Pressure ..> 28-Sep-2004 15:28 574K [IMG] Gondola Facing Secon..> 03-Sep-2004 14:15 613K [IMG] Gondola 2.JPG 31-Aug-2004 17:39 675K [IMG] Gondola.JPG 31-Aug-2004 17:40 791K [IMG] From the Inside.JPG 28-Sep-2004 14:46 495K [IMG] Focal Plane.JPG 28-Sep-2004 15:28 692K [IMG] Electronics 2.JPG 31-Aug-2004 17:38 645K [IMG] Electronics.JPG 31-Aug-2004 17:38 664K [IMG] Detectors.JPG 28-Sep-2004 15:25 636K [IMG] Detector Module.JPG 03-Sep-2004 14:07 685K [IMG] DSCN0215.JPG 28-Sep-2004 15:15 738K [IMG] DSCN0178.JPG 28-Sep-2004 15:26 589K [IMG] DSCN0177.JPG 28-Sep-2004 15:26 636K [IMG] DSCN0176.JPG 28-Sep-2004 15:25 605K [IMG] Close up of CZT.JPG 03-Sep-2004 14:06 507K [IMG] Close up of CZT #c.JPG 28-Sep-2004 14:31 507K [IMG] Building Insulation.JPG 31-Aug-2004 17:36 691K [IMG] Building Cables.JPG 31-Aug-2004 17:36 736K [IMG] Balancing 6.JPG 03-Sep-2004 14:14 617K [IMG] All Detectors Mounte..> 28-Sep-2004 15:20 638K [IMG] 057gondola.JPG 31-Aug-2004 17:36 701K
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