NuSTAR ToO targets approved within the NuSTAR, Chandra, XMM-Newton, and INTEGRAL Guest Observer programs

    NuSTAR Target of Opportunity (ToO) observations may be proposed for in the NuSTAR, Chandra, XMM-Newton, and INTEGRAL Guest Observer (GO) programs.

    Last update: 2017-07-25

      Proposal title and abstracts are available here, or click on the Proposal number in the table below. Note that NuSTAR ToO and DDT observations may be requested at any time through the ToO/DDT observation request form which provides a list of currently active unanticipated ToO/DDT targets.

      Proposals will be marked with an orange background when they are triggered and a green background when they are completed. Targets that have yet to be identified have blank J2000 coordinates.

NuSTAR GO programs
ObsIDTarget Name
J2000 RA (deg)
J2000 Dec (deg)
Exposure (ks)
01193Joern Wilms30101039GRS 1758-258270.30167-25.7433620Target must not be in Soft state. Held over from NuSTAR GO cycle-1
03054Raffaella Margutti80302401SN2004dk245.453875 -2.271472 2 x 50Triggered 2018-03-19. Second observation coordinated with XMM (20 ks)
03059Kristin Madsen803016023C273187.277922.052475
03060Grzegorz Madejski80301603
PKS 1510-089
PKS 1222+216
40 each
03077Jon Miller80301606Tidal Disruption Event 50
03080Javier Garcia80302304GX 339-4255.70579-48.789724 x 20Triggered 2017-09-29
03121Felicia Krauss80301607PKS 2005-489302.35579-48.8315840
03125Dmitriy Klochkov80301305GX 304-1195.32125-61.6018350
03127Sam Krucker80310201Sun AR2673various various80Coordinated with Owens Valley, observations on 2017-09-11 to 13th
03195Thomas Nelson80301306New Nova 60
03200Giovanni Miniutti80302608Mrk 231194.0591756.873612 x 80Triggered on 2017-10-16 (on radio flare)
03208Eric Bellm80301401ULGRB1 80
03240Paul Scholz80301307FRB 12110282.994533.14792100Triggered on 2017-08-31. Coordinated with Arecibo, Effelsberg, and GBT
03285John Tomsick80301308Black hole binary 50
03296Joseph Neilsen80302309MAXI J1535-571234.82535384-57.392283475 x 20 coordinated with NICER, triggered on 2017-09-06
03328Mark Reynolds803013101E 1740.7-2942265.97867-29.7451450
Joint NuSTAR/Chandra GO programs
17400584Mark Reynolds801011021A0535+26284.727526.315777820
18500288Nanda Rea80201050CXO J164710.2-455216251.79250-45.871333 20,20,20,40Triggered on 2017-05-16
18500371Victoria Kaspi80202051PSR J1622-4950245.686666-49.848444 50+75+120Triggered on 2017-05-03
18500379Raffaella Margutti80202052SN2017gas304.2972758.20252x50Exposures seperated by ~100 days. Triggered on 2017-10-23
19400282J Neilsen80402302MAXI J1535-571234.82535384-57.392283474x25Triggered 2017-09-08
Also coordinated with Swift, ESO VLT/PIONIER, UVES, LCOGT, SARA, and CASLEO.
19400584J F Steiner80402303MAXI J1813-095273.39169 -9.53307 3x20Triggered 2018-02-21
Also coordinated with Gemini and JVLA.
Joint NuSTAR/XMM-Newton GO programs
076203Victoria Kaspi80102049New Magnetar 50+75+120Program extended into cycle-16
076434Alessandro Papitto80101101CXOU J110926.4-650224167.36013-65.0427860Program extended into cycle-16. Triggered 2018-03-13
078050Norbert Schartel80201001AGN minimum 80Coordinated with 2-orbit HST-COS observation. Program extended into cycle-16
078214Felix Fuerst80201011BH ToO 40Coordinated with 10 x 2 ks Swift observations. Program extended into cycle-16
078354Adam Ingram80202012H 1743-322266.5650417-32.23353x70Two of three observations completed. Program extended into cycle-16
078430Nanda Rea80202013Magnetar TOO 20+30+40+80Observations to be obtained over ~3 months. Program extended into cycle-16
080084Norbert Schartel80302001AGN outburst 2x50Coordinated with ground based telescopes
080230Fiona Harrison80301002Swift J1658.2-4242 254.55266-42.69845 40Triggered 2018-02-21
080333Gabriele Ponti80302003Swift J1658.2-4242254.55266 -42.69845 5 x 30Triggered 2018-02-22
082053Norbert Schartel80401601AGN minimum 80XMM cycle-17 observations begin 2018 May
082145Alessandro Papitto80401306ms pulsar 60XMM cycle-17 observations begin 2018 May
082359Nanda Rea80402308magnetar outburst 20,30,40,80XMM cycle-17 observations begin 2018 May
Joint NuSTAR/INTEGRAL GO programs
1540022Sergey Tsygankov80301311ms pulsar outburst 30INTEGRAL cycle-15 begins 2018-01-01.
Also coordinated with XMM-Newton
Joint NuSTAR/Swift GO programs
1417159Marianne Vestergaard80402610Mrk 59033.6399 -0.7668 2x20Swift cycle-14 begins 2018-04-01

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