Clockfile page for NuSTAR Science Operations Center

What Is The Clock File?

    The clock file keeps the NuSTAR relative time (after barycentric corrections) accurate to ~2 ms and accounts for drifts in the NuSTAR clock caused by temperature variations, etc. New clock files will be produced as the mission continues on a ~monthly basis.

    The list below will always be the most accurate list of the NuSTAR clock files. The most recent clock file will be released with each official CALDB patch, but it is recommended that users download the most recent clock file listed below.

Available Clock Files:

How Is It Used?

    barycorr infile=orig.evt outfile=bary.evt orbitfiles=orbit.fits \
         clockfile=nuCclock20100101v022.fits ra=123.45 dec=67.89

    There is more extensive information in the 'fhelp' file or at the HEASARC NuSTAR FAQ page

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