Galileo HIC Experiment Data Record (EDR) Overview

Heavy Ion Counter data in EDR format were used during the early stages of the Galileo mission, from launch through the Earth 2 encounter. EDR data were originally carried on IBM magnetic tapes but now archived on CD-ROM (NASA Galileo HIC Vol. ID: GOHI_0001).

A HIC EDR file consists of alternating AACS and HIC data records. Each contain a standard EDR header and a subheader containing engineering data. Table 1 contains the block diagram for a HIC EDR data record, which is similar to the AACS record with exception to its length (AACS records are 2252 bytes in length, while HIC records are 1176 bytes).

Table 1

HIC EDR Format
Standard EDR header
(17 32-bit words)
HIC Subheader
(4 32-bit words)
HIC data
(273 32-bit words)

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