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We have been studying the Galactic center for several reasons. First, the line-of-sight toward the central degree of the Galaxy contains about 1% of the Galaxy's stellar mass, and up to 10% of it's massive, young stars. Therefore, the region contains a statistically meaningful sample of rare objects, such as accreting black holes and neutron stars. Second, the density of gas and stars in the Galactic center is hundreds of times higher than in the Galactic disk. This allows us to study unusual interactions between stars, supernova remnants, molecular clouds, the ISM, and possibly magnetic fields. Finally, the region contains the nearest supermassive black hole, which allows us to study stellar dynamics under the influence of the this million-solar mass object, as well as how the black hole interacts with the surrounding ISM.

These pages contains data on the central degree of the Galaxy. They are primarily built to host the X-ray data that we have aquired with Chandra (see here for the original proposal). The original PI (M. Muno) of the X-ray survey is now working outside of astronomy, and many of the collaborators are busy with other projects. There is still a lot that could be done with the data.

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