Andrew and Debby's Picture Album

Some snapshots from the Wedding of Erin and Chris, June 28 2008.

Cutty Lane home, almost one year later, June 2008.

Grandkids! - April, May, June 2008.

Our new home on Cutty Lane, Sequim WA, Sept 2007.

Mason Dunbar's 1st Day!, May 8 2007.

Tahiti Vacation, (island of Huahine) April 2007.

Cora Lee's Birthday Party, March 31, 2007

Roadtrip to Alaska and British Columbia, September 2006.

Trip to Brazil, January 2006, to visit my brother Nelson and his wife Claudia, who manage Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza, a farm and coffee plantation in southern Brazil.

Our home in Sequim, WA, Spring and Summer, 2005.

Our home in Sequim, WA, before we moved in, March, 2005.

Our RV campsite in Port Angeles, WA, while we looked for our new home, March, 2005.

Texas Roadtrip, September, 2003.

Steve and Susan's Wedding, September, 2003.

The Schindlers Home in Big Sur, August, 2003.

The Baby Party, July, 2003.

Eli and Ariana's Wedding, June 14, 2003.

Goldstone Deep Space Network, February, 2003.

Dan and Cora Lee's 50th Wedding Anniversary Party, January, 2003.

Thanksgiving at Sarah and David's, November, 2002.

Visiting with Erin and Justin in San Antonio, October, 2002.

Oregon Trip, July, 2002.

Kirk Creek Camping Trip, May, 2002.

Larry and Dee's wedding reception, June 22, 2002.

My Mum's fantastic 60th birthday party in Dunmore East, Ireland, March 30, 2002.

Our home in Pasadena ... some pics during recent painting and front door restoration.

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