What's up July 16?

A fun day for NuSTAR - 3C 273 has been simultaneously observed by NuSTAR, XMM, Swift, Suzaku, and INTEGRAL!   This will be our primary cross calibration for joint observations.

NuSTAR will stay on 3C 273 until the end of the week (Thursday), completing a ~300 ksec observation that will be used both for calibration and by the AGN physics group for constraining coronal temperature.   After that, NuSTAR will do a quick pointing offset maneuver using 1E1740 before beginning a joint Chandra/NuSTAR/Keck observation of Sgr A* (beginning Friday).     After that, NuSTAR will do a set of calibrations on the Crab prior to beginning a joint observation of NGC 1365 with XMM.

Longer term, NuSTAR will return to calibration observations, with 3 days of "down time" the week of August 6 to install some SC code patches and test the safe hold.   

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