What's up June 26?

  • We went to a worst-case attitude in terms of disturbance torques today and the spacecraft handled it very well with good pointing performance. We also worked out misalignments between the instrument star tracker and the SC star trackers in preparation for first-light on Thursday (Cyg X-1 in case you hadn't heard). The instrument team continues to pour over the data to analyze background and tune up the shields and detectors for science operations.

    Bill Craig, the Caltech crew - esp Kristin, Karl, Brian, the ACS Orbital team, the whole UCB Ops team (Manfred, Mark, Bryce & co) and JPL systems engineering teams (Jason and Byron) in particular deserve all our thanks for a job very well done. It is reminiscent of having a child - birth is over quickly, sleep deprivation continues for weeks.....at least...

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