Learning about Rainforests

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Macaw Macaws are the largest of all parrots. There are 16 different species of macaws and they range in size from a little over three feet to one foot. They have beautiful, graceful, tails that are as long or longer than their bodies. They also have long, pointed wings that enable them to fly swiftly.
Macaws have sharp, hooked bills which are perfect for eating nuts, fruits, and seeds. The beak is strong and is used to break open nut pods. Their feet have a very strong grip which allow them to grasp easily. Two of their toes point forward and two point backward. They can use their foot to grasp food and bring it to their mouth. Macaws are very social and intelligent animals. They can be found in Central and South America in the canopy and emergent layers of the rainforest. They like to nest in holes in trees. Macaws are on the endangered species list because their numbers are declining due to rainforest destruction and people capturing them for pets.