1. JPL's core values are:
Openness, Integrity, Confidentiality and Innovation
Openness, Integrity, Confidentiality and Creativity
Openness, Security, Quality and Innovation
Openness, Integrity, Quality and Innovation
2. Which of the following is an employee's responsibility under JPL Ethical Business Conduct Program?
Model JPL's values
Participate in annual briefings on ethics
When in doubt ask questions
All of the above
None of the above
3. What is the most common reason employees call the JPL Ethics Office?
to request advice
to report wrongdoings
to complete an outside business application
none of the above
4. Which of the following is not covered by an ethics policy:
Gifts and Gratuities
Outside business activities
Sexual harassment
Fraud and Kickbacks
5. Which of the following is not mentioned in the JPL Honor Code?
6. Yes or No: Is it okay for me to use the Internal Online Discussion board (the JPL Forum) to encourage other JPL employees to vote for a particular Presidential candidate?
7. Yes or No: In the interest of vendor relations, is it okay to help a particular vendor prepare a proposal in response to a JPL request for proposals?
8. Yes or No: You received an email from a JPL software vendor, instructing you to download from their site, the latest version of their software. The software is valued at $200. Can you download and install this software on your JPL computer?
9. Yes or No: Is it okay during travel, to buy a gift for my spouse using my JPL travel card?
10. Yes or No: I worked 40 hours last week on a task that is overrun. Is it okay if I transfer the 40 hours worked to another account for which I have a Work Authorization Memo (WAM) if the other account is some-what related to the work I did?