Follow the Globetrotting Adventures of Ducky!

My little almost feathered friend, Ducky, has been a constant travelling companion with me through the ages, going from place to place, seeing the world from the back of my pack. He's been to Singapore, Bali, Thailand, all throughout the greater Western United States, including the Grand Canyon and Colorado. Ducky's even been to some places I haven't made it to yet, in Adrienne's company. Here are the two European adventurers, looking as radiant as ever.

Adrienne in Perpignan in the south of France at Canet Plage. Ducky getting in good with the locals in Dijon.

Current Location of Ducky! He could be anywhere!

Ducky is back home with Adrienne and I now in Seattle, taking a breather before hitting the road again on another adventure...BUT who knows where that will be!!!

(Great Seattle moon city-scape by Dr. Suvro Datta, a post-doc here at the University of Washington - Geophysics.)

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