v 1.0 ----
  • Initial online generator

    v 2.0, public release ----

  • Allows high frequency acceleration noise (full noise transfer function)

    v 2.1 late September, 2002 ----

  • Change shot noise efficiency to conform to LISA Pre-Phase A convention
  • Choice of root spectral density curve or strain curve
  • Header lines in data file now preceeded by comment hash "#"
  • Addition of "How to Use" page
  • Revised look and feel of all pages

    v 3.0, 4 November 2002 ----

  • Addition of graphical image of generated curve

    v 4.0, 20 May 2003 ----

  • Addition of Hils-Bender estimates of WD background

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    If you have Problems with the Generator

    This page is currently a beta test! Please email suggestions and bug reports about this page to Be sure it include a complete list of parameters for the observatory you were designing -- it will greatly aid me in debugging your problem on this end.

    Clear skies!
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