Observing schedules

Short Range Observatory Schedule    

This is the confirmed schedule of NuSTAR observations. This sequence of observations has been uploaded to the spacecraft and will execute autonomously unless interrupted by a new schedule, Target of Opportunity, or instrument and spacecraft anomalies. This schedule will cover various time ranges depending on the exposure time goal of the observations, but will usually be for a period of at least one week.

The times reported here are the start and end of the on-target period (day of year UTC). The estimated exposure time takes into account Earth occultation and the SAA passage time where detector background is increased. The end time of the observation is the start of the slew to the next target. Please examine the NuSTAR As-Flown Timeline (AFT) for the log of past observations.

Table Header Explanations obs_start - Observation start time (UTC)
obs_end - Observation end (UTC)
sequenceID - Observation ID
Name - Target name
J2000_RA - J2000 epoch Right Ascension (degrees)
J2000_Dec - J2000 epoch Declination (degrees)
Exp - Approximate exposure time (ks)
Notes - Observation notes

obs_start obs_end sequenceID Name J2000_RA J2000_Dec Exp Notes
2017:266:08:35:032017:270:02:10:0010202005004PSR_B1821m24276.133330-24.869670168.1(2/2) Timing calibration
2017:270:02:35:072017:270:15:10:0080402302006MAXI_J1535m571233.83222-57.2300426.6(2/4) Coordinated with Chandra
2017:271:15:00:002017:272:01:50:0010311001006Crab_sl_PA15085.433212422.914460123.4Calibration coordinated with XMM
2017:272:02:20:072017:272:09:50:0060161400002CGCG333m038158.5981000073.0140000025.9BAT AGN
2017:272:21:30:002017:273:08:30:0010311001008Crab_sl_PA15085.433212422.914460123.1Calibration coordinated with XMM
2017:273:09:11:092017:278:07:40:0060301029002IRAS_00521m705413.48396-70.63458353.2Coordinated with XMM

Long Range Observatory Schedule    

This is the latest NuSTAR long-term schedule. Observations have been sorted into one-week intervals, taking into account Sun, Moon, required exposure time, and other constraints. So the date is the Monday of the week in which the observation is scheduled to begin.

E.g. An observation with a date 2017-12-18 in this table is scheduled to have the observation starting sometime between 2017-12-18 0000Z and 2017-12-25 0000Z.

Currently the schedule is driven by the large number of observations coordinated with other observatories and the need to complete the NuSTAR Guest Observer programs. The exposure goal for targets allotted within one week may appear to fill more then the available NuSTAR exposure time in that week (average is 330 ks per week) but many observations start in one week and complete in the following week.

Targets of opportunity and any instrument or spacecraft anomalies may also cause the observing times of targets to shift. This long-term schedule is our present estimate of the future order of observations. Please be aware of the uncertainties.

ToO = Target of Opportunity    DDT = Directors Discretionary Time    N03 = NuSTAR GO cycle-3    I15 = INTEGRAL GO cycle-15
X16 = XMM-Newton GO cycle-16    C18 = Chandra GO cycle-18    ELS/GLS = Extragalactic/Galactic legacy surveys

Last updated: 2017-07-06

Table Header Explanations DOY week - Day of Year of the Monday of the week the observation is scheduled to start
week_date - Date of the Monday of the week the observation is scheduled to start
obsID - Observation ID number
name - Target name
J2000_RA - J2000 epoch Right Ascension (degrees)
J2000_Dec - J2000 epoch Declination (degrees)
Exp - Approximate exposure time (ks)
Notes - Observation notes

DOY week week of observation obsID name J2000_RA J2000_Dec Exp Notes
2017:2682017-09-2560301029IRAS_00521m705413.48396-70.63458300N03 03287 Coordinated with XMM
2017:2822017-10-0930302020GRS_1915p105288.7981310.9457820(2/4) N03 03245 Coordinated with XMM & VLT
2017:2962017-10-2330302002PSR_J2032p4127308.054666741.45675040(1/3) X16 080191
60301031NGC_3718173.1455853.06783200N03 03306 Coordinated with XMM
60302003NGC_106840.66987-0.0132850(3/4) N03 03015
2017:3032017-10-3060301027ESO_116m1851.221-60.7383950N03 03258 Coordinated with XMM
2017:3172017-11-1330302002PSR_J2032p4127308.054666741.45675040(2/3) X16 080191
60301012NUSTARJ1206p4957181.55503349.95353150N03 03131 Coordinated with XMM
2017:3242017-11-2030301022Eta_Carinae161.26475-59.6844270N03 03272
60301015PG_2209p184332.9745418.69719100N03 03135 Coordinated with XMM
30302004NGC5907_ULX1228.99416756.3027782x50(3,4/4) X16 080409
30302005NGC7793_P13359.46250-32.624055675(2/2) X16 080467
2017:3312017-11-2730302002PSR_J2032p4127308.054666741.45675040(3/3) X16 080191
30301010IGRJ11215m5952170.44529-59.8638640N03 03018 At outburst peak 2017:337
2017:3382017-12-0430302016NGC_1313_X149.58333-66.4863675(5/5) N03 03145 Coordinated with XMM
60302016NGC_3516166.6978772.5685390(1/2) N03 03148 Coordinated with Chandra
2017:3452017-12-1160301014III_Zw_22.6292110.97486100N03 03135 Coordinated with XMM
60371002NGC_3621169.56879-32.8140630N03 03229 Coordinated with XMM
60302002HE_1143m1810176.41875-18.454172x20(1-2/5) N03 03009 Coordinated with XMM
2017:3522017-12-1860302002HE_1143m1810176.41875-18.454173x20(3-5/5) N03 03009 Coordinated with XMM
60302016NGC_3516166.6978772.5685390(2/2) N03 03148 Coordinated with Chandra
2017:3592017-12-2560201063ESO_121mG691.874583-61.80758360C18 18700577
60301020B1422p231216.1587522.93361100N03 03197 Coordinated with XMM
602020613C_11164.58875038.02666750(1/2) C18 18700471
2018:0082018-01-0830301013PSR_J1617m5055244.37229-50.92022140N03 03048
60301023NUSTARJ150645p0346d2226.690423.7711760N03 03243 Coordinated with XMM
2018:0222018-01-2270301001RX_J1347d5m1145206.8775-11.75258150N03 03113
2018:0292018-01-2960302003NGC_106840.66987-0.0132850(4/4) N03 03015
2018:0502018-02-1940301001W49B287.78759.10667100N03 03062
30301027AR_Sco245.447-22.88622130N03 03299 Coordinated with XMM
2018:0572018-02-2630302012Her_X1254.4575435.3423330(2/2) Coordinated with INTEGRAL
2018:0642018-03-0550302001M31_Bulge10.6845841.2691740(3/3) N03 03217
2018:0852018-03-2630302020GRS_1915p105288.7981310.9457820(3/4) N03 03245 Coordinated with XMM & VLT
2018:0992018-04-0940302002SN2014C339.2733334.4088640(2/2) N03 03069 Coordinated with Chandra
2018:1062018-04-1630302020GRS_1915p105288.7981310.9457820(4/4) N03 03245 Coordinated with XMM & VLT
30302020WR_140305.1165443.854525(2/2) N03 03288 Coordinated with XMM
2018:1202018-04-3040301005RCW_86_SW220.290940-62.688833200N03 03318
2018:1272018-05-0760301010GRS_1734m292264.36829-29.1339225N03 03112
2018:1552018-06-0430301031EXO_2030p375308.06366737.637472240I15 1520017
2018:3652018-12-31602020613C_11164.58875038.02666750(2/2) C18 18700471