ACE Level 2 (Verified) Data

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Interplanetary Magnetic Field Parameters: MAG. MAG Data Documentation
Solar Wind Parameters: SWEPAM SWEPAM Data Documentation
Solar Wind Temperatures, Speeds, Composition, Charge States: SWICS and SWIMS SWICS/SWIMS Data Documentation
Solar Suprathermal and Energetic Particle Intensities: ULEIS ULEIS Data Documentation
Solar Energetic Particle Intensities: EPAM EPAM Data Documentation
Solar Energetic Particle Intensities: SEPICA SEPICA Data Documentation
SEP, GCR, and ACR Intensities: SIS. SIS Data Documentation
Galactic Cosmic Ray Intensities: CRIS CRIS Data Documentation
Merged IMF and Solar Wind 64-second Averages MAG/SWEPAM Data Documentation
Merged IMF, Solar Wind, and Energetic Particle Hourly Averages Multi-instrument Data Documentation

Note: Most of these data are also available from CDAWeb. Level 2 data for each instrument are delivered to CDAWeb when we have confidence in the stability of the data set.

The DIAL Experimental Data Server that is being used at the ACE Science Center to allow web-browsing of HDF data files was jointly developed by Hughes STX and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications under contract to NASA/GSFC. The ACE Science Center has customized the software for the ACE dataset.

Last Updated: Dec 15 2004
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